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2021 Final Handbook Revision with Added Techniques


2021 Senior Promotional Scoresheets


Kata Scoresheets






Goshin Jutsu



Junior Promotion Requirements            


In-Club Promotion Examination Form


Information for Promotion to Black Belt Ranks

– Documentation to Submit (electronically only) to Shufu Rank Registration Chair –

1. Form 20

a. How to submit: Submit in editable electronic format so Shufu Rank Registration Chair can sign

b. Where to find the Form 20 – Click Here

i.  How to Download and then Save the Form 20 to your computer.

Note:  A download button looks like the following: Download Icon Png HD Stock Images | Shutterstock  or Download . If you do not see a download button, open the Shufu website in another browser such as Chrome, click on the Form 20 link, click on the download button, then Save As to your computer.

ii. Open the saved Form 20 with a PDF Reader in order for the Form 20 to be editable

(FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader download at

c. Fill in the following:

Page 1:

All dan applicants: Fill out all sections. USJF will not accept blanks.

Page 2 to the end:

1. If requesting time off in grade as a non-competitor  (Note:  Competitors can only request time off in grade for their Life Membership)

2. If applying for Rokudan or above

d. Save the form to your computer, and email to the Rank Registration Chair

2. USJF membership card: Submit a scan to Shufu Rank Registration Chair

3. Proof of current rank: Submit a scan to Shufu Rank Registration Chair

Examples of rank confirmation:

Ikkyu rank: Scan of signed dojo certificate

USJF dan rank: Scan of rank card or certificate

Non-USJF dan rank:  Scan of rank documentation from promoting organization

4. Background check: Submit a statement to Shufu Rank Registration Chair

Note: a background check is confidential, i.e. for your eyes only. Simply state in your email submission the answers to the questions below. This will be verified with USJF.

a. Do you have a current background check on file with USJF? Yes or no.
b. If no, have you applied for a background check?  (Get USJF form HERE.)

5. Kata scores (see senior promotion requirements): Submit a scan to Shufu Rank Registration Chair

6. Safe Sport Certificate (all dan applicants): Submit a scan to Shufu Rank Registration Chair

7. CDC Heads Up certificate (all dan applicants): Submit a scan to Shufu Rank Registration Chair

8. CPR and First Aid certificates (all nidan and above applicants): Submit a scan to Shufu Rank Registration Chair

9. Other Certificates (see senior promotion requirements – for noncompetitors only to reduce time-in-grade): Submit a scan to Shufu Rank Registration Chair

10. Where to submit items 1 – 9:     Email to Karen Whilden, Shufu Rank Registration Chair (

FAQ for Senior Promotions

Coach Certification

SafeSport Certification is now required for all USJF registered clubs. If you have already completed the course and submitted a copy of your certificate, you do not need to resubmit. For more information or to take the course, please visit

Heads Up concussion training, through the CDC’s website, is a requirement for all members of your USJF registered club who function as teachers at any time. Please advise all of your instructors and assistant instructors of this requirement. The training can be accessed at: