Kodokan Goshin Jutsu in Philadelphia, PA

January 29, 2023

Report from Diane Tamai Jackson


On 1/21/23, Frances Glaze (Shichidan, Board of Examiners (BOE) for promotion from Konan Yudanshakai, from Ohio) and Diane Jackson (Rokudan, BOE member from Shufu Yudanshakai, from MD) combined to present a clinic on Kodokan Goshin Jutsu at the El Idrissi Judo Club.in Philadelphia, PA



Kodokan (KDK) Goshin Jutsu is a study and demonstration of judo principles in combative situations with modern weapons. KDK Goshin Justu was developed around 1956 to address the needs for training in modern situations.


KDK Goshin Jutsu consists of 21 disarming and defensive techniques from attacks from a distance, attacks from close proximity, attacks from the rear, and attacks with a knife, stick/staff or gun/pistol.



Through studying this kata, a judoka learns appropriate skill and timing for attack and counter attack, In KDK Goshin Jutsu, the technique often ends in a submission (i.e., armbar or choke), throw, and/or disarming of the weapon.


The principles of judo … maximum efficiency with minimum effort is clear through effective and efficient shisei and taisabaki, and executing the parts of a throw / technique…kuzushi, tsukuri and kake.


KDK Goshin Jutsu is one of the seven major KDK katas: Nage no Kata (throwing waza), Katame no Kata (mat waza), Ju no Kata (gentle / no gi kata), Kime no Kata (ancient weapons), KDK Goshin Jutsu (Modern weapons), Koshiki no Kata (kata in armor) and Itsutsu no Kata (Forms of Five). It is also one of the five competed kata by the International Judo Federation at the annual World Judo Kata Championships.



for more on KDK Goshin Jutsu..


Kodokan KATA Textbook | Kodokan Judo Institute

and search on “Kodokan Goshin Jutsu” in Google and YouTube


Kodokan Goshin-jutsu : Names of the techniques ▼ Unarmed section 1. When held (1)Ryote-dori (2)Hidari-eri-dori (3)Migi-eri-dori (4)Kataude-dori (5)Ushiro-eri-dori (6)Ushiro-jime (7)Kakae-dori 2. When attacked from a distance (1)Naname-uchi (2)Ago-tsuki (3)Ganmen-tsuki (4)Mae-geri (5)Yoko-geri ▼ Weapons section 1. against Dagger (1)Tsukkake (2)Choku-tsuki (3)Naname-tsuki 2. against Staff /Sitck(1)Furi-age (2)Furi-oroshi (3)Morote-tsuki 3. against Pistol (1)Shomen-zuke (2)Koshi-gamae (3) Haimen-zuk

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Hilaire Notewo Seeking Donations for Judo Programs in the Ivory Coast, Needs Gis and Equipment

Longtime Shufu Judo member Hilaire Notewo is planning to relocate to Côte D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Africa in late November/December. He will be supporting judo programs, but equipment (esp. judo uniforms) are difficult to come by.  Hilaire is looking for gently used judo gis and other equipment.  Hilaire will also be visiting and donating goods to orphanages.  Should you have gently used shoes, clothes for teenagers, youths, and toddlers, kindly make them available to Hilaire.

If you would like to donate to this effort, you can send your donation to the following address:

Hilaire Notewo

7401 New Hampshire Ave. #1003

Takoma Park, MD  20912

Or contact him via his email address: hilson79@gmail.com 202 945 3781.