Over 200 Judoka Compete in Eastern Open

September 22, 2014
Action at the 2014 Eastern Open

Action at the 2014 Eastern Open




by Kevin Tamai


A big thank you and Congratulations to all of the judoka who were able to attend and participated in the Shufu Yudanshakai Eastern Open Judo Championships which was held on Saturday August 30, 2014 at the Greater Grace World Outreach Ministry Gym.  The event was hosted by Hui-O-Judo Beltsville and College Park Judo, and the venue was obtained through Seigneury Judo.


The tournament was attended by over 200 judoka from 40 different clubs in the regional area covering Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. Clubs represented were Aldan Judo, American Judo- SC, Arlington, Baltimore Judo, Camal Judo, Cheung’s Martial Arts, College Park Judo, Dale City Judo, Delaware Combat sports, DC Recreation Judo, DC Judo,  Harrisburg Judokai, Hui-O Beltsville, Jamie Towers Judo Club, Japan Martial Arts Judo, Mayfield Martial Arts, Jason Morris Judo Center- MD, Judo Movement – NJ,  Llyod Irvin Martial Arts, Mainline Judo, Maryland Judo Team, North Raleigh Judo, Philadelphia Judo, Pure Performance – MD,  Pure Performance- NJ, Samurai Judo, Seigneury, Sport Judo, TECH Judo, USA Stars East, US Naval Academy Judo and the Washington Judo Club.


We honored Kurt Tamai with special recognition by presenting him with the Thomas Dalton Service award.


The morning started with Kata competition. Karl Tamai and Diane Jackson demonstrated the Nage No Kata. They are heading to Malaga Spain to represent the United States at the World Kata Championships. The Eastern Open Championships had competition in five katas – Nage No Kata, Ju No Kata,  Goshin Jutsu, Kime No Kata and  Katame No Kata. Top honors were given to Robert Guthero and Lisa Capriotti from Samurai Judo, and who are also going to Spain with Diane and Karl to compete in Goshin Jitsu. Diane Jackson, the Shufu Yudanshakai Kata Development Chairperson stated, “I am very happy to see so many different katas being competed in. Shufu has hosted a number of clinics on the different kata that have been well attended. We are happy to see kata competition growing in the area. Shufu encourages all judoka to learn the katas and compete in them. It enhances their overall judo experience and refines their judo techniques. As judges, we provide feedback to all of our teams to help them continually improve their performance and constantly improve. Shufu offers kata competition at all of its events.”


The morning continued with junior competition. Judoka as young as 4 years old began competing for a chance to win a gold medal or a trophy. Competition was excellent. The Outstanding Junior Team was the Maryland Judo Team, coached by Mark Dantzler and the Outstanding Junior Judoka was John Smith from Camal Judo in New Jersey.


During the junior awards, Roy Englert Jr, the chief referee, honored some of our outstanding judoka. He paid special tribute to James Takemori and Sergeant Major Mayfield for their service to this country and to the judo community. After the junior awards, Mr Englert gave a quick senior competitor clinic. He had Sensei Steven Matais from Pure Performance Judo in New Jersey cover techniques that are legal and illegal in judo for the jujitsu and MMA players. Sharon Landstreet covered the upcoming rule changes regarding the judogis.  Senior competition included masters and women’s divisions as well as competition in both the men’s novice and the men’s advanced divisions. The Outstanding Senior Team was USA Stars East from Virginia Beach VA. The Outstanding Senior Judoka was Frances Padgett from North Raleigh Judo in North Carolina


Sensei Kevin Tamai, the tournament director stated “On behalf of Shufu Judo Yudanshakai, I would like to thank all of the judoka who came to participate in this event. It is a great tribute to our yudanshakai that so many people have traveled to come here. The senseis were very pleased to see the quality judo techniques that were performed today. They were even more proud of the great judo spirit and character that so many judoka displayed. We would like to thank all of the parents for bringing their children to this event, thank all of the judoka who participated today, and to thank all of the amazing volunteers who make this event possible. Thank you to all of the referees, technical officials and all of the support staff. I would also like to thank Sensei Mike Veader, Seigneury Judo and Greater Grace World Outreach for providing us such a wonderful venue.


“I hope that this event was a rewarding and enriching experience for all judoka on every level. It was good to see so many teams competing in the katas. I hope to see everyone at our next event. I personally invite each of you to join us for the Takemori Open Judo Championships to be held on October 25th at DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville Maryland. “


For more information about Shufu Judo Yudanshakai, its member clubs or upcoming events, please visit our website at www.shufujudo.org



All Photos Courtesy of Roy Nanjo


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