Nage No Kata



Nage No Kata was created to develop the understanding of the theory of throwing techniques and for their practice with a partner.

Nage waza (throwing techniques) is composed of Te-waza (hand techniques), Koshi-waza (hip techniques), Ashi-waza (foot techniques), Masutemi-waza (rearward sacrifice techniques) and Yokosutemi-waza (side sacrifice techniques).

In the Nage No Kata, three representative techniques are included from each of the five categories; each technique is performed on both the right and left side.



Kodokan Video for Nage No Kata

2014 Nage No Kata World Champions

2013 Nage No Kata World Champions

Kodokan Textbook

U.S. Standard

U.S. Score Sheet – Competition

U.S. Score Sheet – Promotional

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