Cross-Training Workout Held in Rockville

December 5, 2012


A regional judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu competitor workout was held on Sunday, December 2nd at Pure Performance Martial Arts Club in Rockville, Maryland.  More than 20 judo and BJJ competitors participated in sessions run by judo Olympian Sugi Damdin and nationally ranked BJJ player Chris Schindler.

For more than 3 hours, players from around the region were brought together for training which included standing and groundwork sparring and drills.  Competitors from as far away as Virginia Beach were welcomed and, given the enthusiasm of the participants, PPMAC will be offering competition training as a regular event.

The goal of the competition training sessions is to provide players with high level sparring and conditioning to get ready for regional, national or international competition.  The cross-training format also exposes the BJJ players to sophisticated nage-waza and the judoka to more complex ne-waza.

Players that are interested in attending competition training workouts should provide an e-mail address to Kevin McNeely at for notification of dates and times of future events.


(Ed. note:  For context, Suldbayar “Sugi” Damdin was a member of the 2004 Mongolian Olympic Judo Team.  Those who have watched the Mongolians fight in the Judo World Championships know that they are among the toughest fighters in the world.)


Thanks to Kevin McNeely for the photo and report


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