Important Message from Shufu Board of Examiners Chair Miki Takemori

August 11, 2018

In the process of changing Shufu Promotional guidelines to the USJF standards, it was discovered that the USJF standards contain inconsistencies, repetitions and/or forgotten techniques.  The USJF Board of Examiner (Mac Takeda) and USJF Promotional Chair (Hayward Nishioka) were contacted to get some clarification.


The USJF promotional guidelines have apparently not been revised in over 30 years.  It was decided that an Ad Hoc Committee would look at those guidelines and provide some feedback on making adjustments.   I have been made Chair of this Ad Hoc Committee of 5 people.  We are diligently going through the material and making adjustments.


At the request of the Shufu Executive Committee, the Shufu Board of Examiners was contacted.  We have requested a delay in implementing the USJF Promotional standards until USJF has had a chance to revise their standards.  Of the 31 members of the Board of Examiners, 21 have voted to delay.  Two have expressed a concern about the delay and eight have not voted.


By the majority vote, Shufu is delaying the implementation of the USJF promotional standards and will be using the existing Shufu promotional guidelines for the Fall Shufu Promotional on November 4th.


Given that Senseis and individuals may have instructed and prepared based on the Spring decision to adopt the USJF guidelines, I will recommend to the Board of Examiners to exercise discretion and to be flexible when appropriate.


Miki Takemori


Shufu Board of Examiners


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