Special Meeting of Shufu Blackbelts This Saturday July 29th at College Park

July 25, 2017

To All Shufu Yudansha:


I hope you are planning to come to the Shufu Special Board of Directors Special Meeting this Saturday, July 29th at the College Park Community Center in College Park, MD from 9 AM to 2 PM.  The address is: 5051 Pierce Ave, College Park, MD 20740.


As I mentioned a few weeks ago when announcing this meeting, Shufu’s changing status as a more proactive and structured organization has resulted in our inability to adequately identify and deliberate over our most important issues at the semiannual meetings held on the morning of the promotionals, generally limited to 90 minutes.


The judo community and environment has changed regionally and nationally, and these changes affect us directly.  Therefore we will be discussing and deciding on the most important questions that face us today:


What is the purpose of Shufu, and what should its specific goals be? What do we want Shufu to look like and what should it (we) be doing?


This will be an official meeting of the Shufu BOD, with the ability to decide on goals and objectives.  It is of great importance that as many members of the BOD attend, so that as many voices and ideas can be heard.  If you are a USJF black belt, please make every effort to attend next Saturday.


Take a look at these two one-pagers that should help us think about our upcoming discussions:  A partial list of possible goals and activities that some of us have been accumulating for a while, and a word about products and markets.  We will also have a brief presentation of what Shufu is and where it stands in the judo community which includes the NGB for judo (USA Judo) and the Group A members (USJF, USJA, and the newer Group A members).


Partial List of Possible Goals and Activities


Markets and Products


Tell everybody else, too.  And call me with any questions you may have.


I hope to see you there.


Chuck Medani


Shufu Judo Yudanshakai



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