Travis Stevens Cancels Clinics 4 Days Before Event

June 2, 2015

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – Bad Boy Travis Stevens says Sayonara DC!

We got word this afternoon that Travis Stevens is going to Japan rather than visiting the Capital of the US this weekend. Since it’s hard to hold a workshop without the star instructor, we’ll cancel the Travis Stevens event on Saturday. Today and tomorrow DC Judo will issue refunds to everyone who has already registered.


Travis is a great competitor. Training for the Olympics is tough. The road is long and certainly has many unforeseeable moments. When Chris Skelley, Travis’ tour manager, reached out to us asking if we might host an event, we responded Yes! DC Judo set out to support that Olympic road with this workshop.


After Travis’ folks proposed and confirmed a date, we paid for space rental, flyers, insurance, & catered food. We sent several thousand emails and registered scores of people. We took on the entire cost risk of the event – fee, airfare, lodging etc. But it is hard to support Olympians who cancel with four days notice. That’s just downright unprofessional, even for a “bad boy”. Now, we’re out these expenses and our deposit to Travis. Ouch!


We can reschedule for after the World Championship in August, but I’m not inclined to do so. I guess if you have enough cash to fly to Japan on 4 days notice, maybe you don’t need our help.

  See you on the mat,

  Terence McPartland


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