College Park Development Judo Tournament

September 1, 2018
October 20, 2018 all-day
College Park Community Center
5051 Pierce Ave
College Park, MD 20740

Development Tournament with 2 opportunities to get some matches in…

Round Robin Format and 3 man team tournament (10&under and 14&under)


8:00                     Weigh in                   

8:50                     8 years and under competitor Line-Up

9:00                     8 years old and under competition

10:30                   9-10 years old and under competition

11:30                    11-12 years old competition                                     

12:30                   13-15 years old competition                                    

12:30                   10&Under Team Tournament 

1:30                     15-20 years old competition

1:30                     14&Under Team Tournament


The 3 man tournament will be limited to an 8 team bracket.

                     First 8 teams to sign up will participate (8 for each age group)

                    10 years old & under Team Tournament
                             Weight Classes (pounds): Boys 60, 80, 100
                    14 years old & under Team Tournament
                             Weight Classes (pounds): Boys 70, 90, 110

Coach Certification

SafeSport Certification is now required for all USJF registered clubs. If you have already completed the course and submitted a copy of your certificate, you do not need to resubmit. For more information or to take the course, please visit

Heads Up concussion training, through the CDC’s website, is a requirement for all members of your USJF registered club who function as teachers at any time. Please advise all of your instructors and assistant instructors of this requirement. The training can be accessed at: