North East Promotional Event

October 7, 2019
November 17, 2019 all-day
New Britain


To:   North East Promotional Group/ Shufu North


From:  Miki Takemori, Co-event coordinator (


SAVE THE DATE – November 17th


Pam Hinkle/Blue Dragon Judo is in the final stages of completing the flyer and sanctioning for the Fall Promotional on Sunday, November 17h in New Britain, CT. We will be testing by Shufu Judo Yudanshakai testing procedures/standards (United States Judo Federation) but the test is open to candidates from any organization.


Below are the specific deadlines:


The initial deadline for Shufu Dan Promotion (Form 20) is October 18th and must be sent to Karen Whilden, Shufu Registration Chair at  The fully completed/finalized Form 20 must be completed and sent to Karen by November 2nd.  Kata requirements must also be completed by November 2nd. Please forward your information to me as well at (


Kyu promotional lists (from Club Sensei or his designee) should be turned in by November 2nd, so appropriate paperwork can be prepared for their tests to me at (  Kata requirement for Kyu candidates should also be completed by November 2nd.


Junior Promotional lists (from Club Sensei or his designee) should be turned in by November 10th, so appropriate paperwork can be prepared for their tests to me at (


In regards to the Promotional Standards, the junior promotional standards were approved by the USJF Board of Examiners. We will be following the new USJF Standards for the Junior promotions. At present, a new junior promotional testing sheet is being completed. The standards are attached  to this email.


As far as the Senior Promotional standards are concerned, the adjustment of the guidelines were submitted in the Spring 2019 USJF meeting but were tabled until the next meeting, which will be on December 14-15.  Those revised standards have been resubmitted and hopefully they will be approved.  In the meantime, we will be following the Shufu Senior Promotional Standards with some leeway towards the present USJF standards. I apologize for the delays.


I hope to see you in November.


Thank you,


Miki Takemori and Pam Hinkle

Event Coordinators


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Coach Certification

SafeSport Certification is now required for all USJF registered clubs. If you have already completed the course and submitted a copy of your certificate, you do not need to resubmit. For more information or to take the course, please visit

Heads Up concussion training, through the CDC’s website, is a requirement for all members of your USJF registered club who function as teachers at any time. Please advise all of your instructors and assistant instructors of this requirement. The training can be accessed at: